Bags, Satchels & Coolers

Eco-freindly promotional bags are the second most popular promotional products after promotional drinkware. Eco-friendly promotional bags make for a great corporate gift for your next tradeshow, sales promotions, confrence or promotional giveaways. 

Brand Promotions offers a widest range of eco-friendly bags in Australia.  You can choose to go with non-woven shoppings bags, promotional tote bags, jute bags, bamboo bags or paper bags. There are hundreds of eco-friendly promotional bags to choose from. We will help you find the right one that is perfect fit for your brand and fits your budget.



With single use plastic ban across Australia, eco-friendly promotional bags provides a great branding opportunity.

Eco-friendly promotional bags such as non-woven tote bags, calico bags, bamboo bags or paper bags are something that is practical and will get you lot of brand impressions.


Some of the most popular eco-friendly promotional bags are as following:


  1. Promotional Non-woven shopping bags
  2. Eco-friendly tote bags
  3. Eco-friendly paper bags
  4. Eco-friendly cooler bags
  5. Eco-friendly calico bags
  6. Eco-friendly bamboo bags
  7. Eco-friendly jute bags