Eco Friendly Promotional Products | Eco Friendly Merchandise

It's essential to keep the environment in your mind while planning for the next brand promotion. On that, we have a vast range of Eco-Friendly Promotional products and eco friendly merchandise for the marketing campaign.


Go green and create good karma with our range of sustainable promotional products. We offer environmentally friendly, ethically sourced non-woven shopping bags, recycled pens and stationery. Also, solar-powered torches, shower timers, reusable coffee cups, and biodegradable items to give your campaign the "right feel."


These products are carbon offsets, environmentally friendly promotional eco products and bags. You are sure to find something that will fit your brand and your budget!

Benefits of Eco Friendly Merchandise in Australia

With the rapid change in our environmental ecosystem and the negative impact of business operations on the environment, customers are conscious of the environment protection more than ever. A brand is more than just your logo. Customers are keen to understand the sustainability aspect of a business. Customers prefer brands with sustainable business practices. Eco-friendly promotional products are a viable way to promote your brand without impacting our planet.


Sustainability has to be at the forefront of every brand's marketing communication in 2020. 42% of the people had a more favourable impression of a company when they were given an eco-friendly promotional merch according to Advertising Specialities Institutes. 73% of the millennials today are willing to spend more on eco-friendly as per the research done by Neilson


Here are some of the benefits of using Eco Friendly Promotional Products for Brand Promotions:


  1. Helps establish a positive brand image among your customers
  2. Acts as a point of difference for your brand
  3. Gets your brand noticed through organic customer engagement
  4. Most importantly, it is good for our environment. 


Most Popular Eco-friendly Promo Items


  1. Eco-friendly Promotional Bags
  2. Eco-friendly Coffee Cups
  3. Eco-friendly Tech Products
  4. Eco-friendly Drink bottles
  5. Eco-friendly Caps
  6. Eco-friendly Promotional Stationery Products