Promotional Caps and Hats

Custom Promotional Caps & Hats are the best way to convey the message during the marketing campaign or the business conferences.

To give your brand high visibility we have a promotional headwear branding method that’s perfectly suited to your image.

Our huge selection of branded promotional products includes promotional caps, trucker caps, bucket hats, visors, fedoras, beanies, flat-peak, snap back caps and bandanas.

Buy Promotional Caps and Hats in Australia

The benefits of wearable promotional products have been demonstrated extensively in both real-world scenarios and more clinical studies. Hats, though, continue to be among the most popular (is not most popular) piece of promotional apparel available, frequently used by corporates, sports organisations, start-ups and every business in between.

Have you ever thought about why that is? Let’s take a deep dive as to why this is the case…


Why hats make the best promotional products?


1. Affordable

Hats come in a range of varieties, but due to their enormous popularity their manufacture is executed on a large scale allowing us to source an extensive range of hats, all of which we can offer to our client for excellent value. The other important thing to note is that because of such economies of scale we are able to offer this product affordably without compromising on quality. After years in the industry we’ve curated what we consider to be a premier range so we know we’ll have you covered, whatever your budget or need!

2. Practical

Hats are sun-smart, fashionable and expressive all in one which makes them the perfect product to use promotionally. Customers want to connect with your brand and use it to represent themselves and their interests. In this way, hats are practical enough to cater to all your wearers’ needs.

3. Great exposure - eyeline view

Hats work perfectly as a promotional tool because they sit atop the wearer’s head and right in the eyeline of everybody they come into contact with. Because of this they are a subtle and compelling way to promote your brand.

4. Generous branding coverage

Hats of all kinds, but especially caps, afford their designer the opportunity to get creative with the branding. Whether on the front, back, sides, on the peak or underneath, branding opportunities are bountiful and allow you to best represent your business’ personality and other key communicative messages.

5. One size fits all

No doubt about it, one of the main drawbacks of ordering promotional clothing of any sort is ensuring all shapes and sizes are accounted for...and don’t even get us started on finding the right cuts and lengths! The beauty of hats though, is that they’re typically one size fits all which means all you’ve got to do before submitting your order is doing a quick head count and you’re off to the races (wearing your fanciest hat, of course).