Herbalife trial pack campaign


Herbalife are a highly successful Direct Sales company, specializing in nutritional supplements and skincare products

Our brief   To redesign their long-standing three day trial pack which was non contemporary and cumbersome for distributors to handle and also mail to potential customers. As a lead generation tool it was a vital component of Herbalife’s marketing strategy

Our solution  After meeting with the Herbalife marketing team in Adelaide for a “brainstorm” session we were sufficiently ‘ on track” to rapidly create a spec sample. Herbalife were initially sceptical about production in China due to perceived long lead times however after sample approval we were able to deliver the first order within 6 weeks! This achievement included QC factory audits at three stages of production

The totally updated design has allowed Herbalife to cut costs and provide distributors with an attractive, practical lead generation medium. At time of writing a re-order, double the size of the original has been placed!