Health and Wellness Promotional Products have been always well received when presented to customers but the opportunity to “link” your brand genuinely and sincerely with caring is exceptionally timely.


The current Corona (COVID-19) virus has focused the spotlight heavily on keeping safe and being extra vigilant in our personal hygiene and contact with others. Unlike most other viruses and diseases, there are (at time of writing) no corrective or preventative medical initiatives available - in actual fact, the common flu regularly results in many fatalities however in the case of COVID-19 the panic is due to its potentially terrifying “uncharted” nature.


Promotional products are powerful as they reach the intended “target” recipient like no other form of marketing – literally ‘brand in the hand”.

If the product is well chosen to be practical - able to be used in everyday life whether at home, leisure or in the working environment, a “connection” is made with your brand.


Some product ideas to promote Health and Wellness



Promotional Hand Sanitiser

Antibacterial promotional products include hand sanitiser in tubes, bottles, wipes and sprays, all easy to carry anywhere.


First aid and Emergency

Promotional First Aid Kit

There are many possibilities in this category, these include promotional first aid kits, CPR masks, emergency roadside kits and hot & cold packs.


Sun Protection

Promotional sunscreen with logo

Sun protection promotional products are a topical category as there is so much media focus on “warming.”  Sunblock is readily available as sprays, tubes and lip balm. There are many equally practical sun protection ideas such as sunglasses, car sunshades and of course umbrellas.


Personal Toiletries

Promotional Cosmetic Bag

Promotional product toiletries are a “subtle” way to incorporate your brand into your customers evert day life and personal habits!

To list just a small range of possibilities – tissues, pillboxes, toiletry and cosmetic bags, manicure sets, compact mirrors and nail files.


Final tip!

When you incorporate your brand with caring promotional products such as the ideas we’ve highlighted here, you’ve literally become part of your customer’s daily life – this is targeted branding at its most powerful!


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