10 Most Cost Effective Promotional Products - Vital Part of Every Marketing Plan!


What are Promotional Products?


Promotional Products are any physical items that are imprinted with the brand's logo or message designed to increase brand awareness or brand loyalty. Promotional products are also known as corporate products, branded merchandise, promotional merchandise or swag items.


Promotional products are a great marketing tool that helps the brand connect with their audience on a physical level.  Promotional products are the only form of advertising medium that engages all the five senses i.e. sight, touch, feel, smell and taste!


There are so many opportunities to present an existing or potential customer
 with a promotional product to help strengthen and position your brand. These can include tradeshow giveaways, Premiums with Purchase, conference delegate gifts and even loyalty & Incentive items. In fact, as you read this you will most likely have a branded pen or coffee mug on your desk or near to you!


There are many great case studies on our site – check them out, there’s sure to be some inspirational ideas for your brand.


Do Promotional Products Work?


One question that is asked by many in this modern digital age is " Are Promotional Products still relevant?".  Here are three reasons why promotional products need to part of every marketing plan:


Cost-Effective Marketing


Promotional products are cost-effective, offering an enviably low “cost per impression” - a major bonus when working with a limited marketing budget. High profile options such as billboards, television or radio ad can offer great exposure but are extremely costly. We are all too familiar with the frustration when free to air TV programs are interrupted with constant ads; in many cases creating an adverse reaction to advertiser’s products.



Instant Brand Recall and Exposure


An article published on technomarketinginc.com stated that 89% of consumers can recall the advertiser of a promotional product they had received in the last two years.  According to Ppai.org, in the USA 76% of participants could recall the name of the advertiser on a promotional product they received in the past 12 months. In comparison, only 53% of participants could recall the name of an advertiser they had seen in a magazine or newspaper in the previous week.


Mass media gives only brief exposure because of the “clutter” in this category of advertising combined with our increasingly shorter attention spans in this modern technology age. Because they are practical, promotional products can “reside” in homes and offices for months and even years.



Targeted to your audience


Promotional products work exceptionally well at “targeting” your specific market. you can select a huge variety of options that will “resonate” with an audience who share the same interest.


As an example, if you wish to position your company and brand as environmentally friendly there are increasingly diverse eco-friendly promotional products to consider. For a “healthy”, “sporty” theme there are countless relevant items to choose from.


The Team at Brand Promotions can assist you to identify the perfect “vehicle” to put your “brand in the hand” of your current and future customers.


Here are the top ten most effective promotional categories for your next sales promotion, event, product launch or conference:


  1. Promotional Drink Bottles
  2. Promotional Tote Bags
  3. Promotional T-shirts
  4. Promotional Pens
  5. Promotional Caps
  6. Promotional Eco Coffee Cups
  7. Promotional Confectionery Products
  8. Promotional Tech Products
  9. Eco-friendly Promotional Products
  10. Promotional Notebooks