Vince Vinyl Wrist Band 16mm

Product description | Item No. 61313

This 16mm wrist band is made of PVC vinyl and one of most popular ID wrist band, it features tamperproof, snap closure, and stretch resistant, vinyl wristbands are waterproof and can be worn for very long periods of time. The backside of the vinyl wristband is white, not the color or design on the front. it is designed for multi-days events and activities, also a great ID band for hospital usage. 21 standard colours are available.


Black|White|Clear|Zinc Yellow|Pink|Red|Dark Orange|Neon Orange|Neon Purple|Blue|Light Blue|Deep Blue|Navy Blue|Neon Blue|Yellow|Dark Green|Neon Green|Neon Pink|Neon Yellow|Rose Red|Grey


260mmW x 16mmH