With new brands continually entering the  “cluttered” Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) arena, competition for value shelf space is intensive


In Australia, the ratio of retailer options in relation to consumers in each category is amongst the highest in the world, resulting in dominant retailing organisations who can literally “auction’ shelf space in their stores to existing and would-be suppliers


To gain market traction, possible options include price (and profit) slashing when your margins are already tight and/or paying enormous sums for end of aisle and catalogue exposure. Whilst these options gain short term sales it can become a “race to the bottom” devaluing your brand and conditioning major retailers to ‘expect” this behaviour from you in the future



A well designed, competitively priced unique branded retail item, especially if not “competing” with any similar or few existing products promoted or on shelves can achieve:


Prime position on retail shelves, catching attention of first time potential purchasers of your brand


Receive preferential treatment from retailers due to the uniqueness and appeal of the item, often bypassing the normal stringent and “draining” trading terms


Repeat purchases, “word of mouth” referrals and retailers anticipating your next additions to the successful range



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