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Giving gifts would impact hospitality and also play an important role in facilitating business relationships. We at Brand provide the very best Creative Christmas Corporate Gifts Ideas for 2022. Christmas is the best time of the year to show your gratitude to loyal employees and valued clients. Christmas Corporate Gifts that are customised with your brand logo is an excellent way of showing your appreciation for their support throughout the year. 


Further, one of the benefits of corporate gifting is that it helps you establish a great impression of your brand tone and image. Corporate gifting pays you dividends in the form of increased engagement, customer loyalty and referrals. 


As we head to the Christmas period, the busiest time of the year, we are all confused about how do we go about choosing Christmas gifts. It's hard when you have thousands of products to choose from. Therefore, our in-house promotional products experts have put together a Corporate Christmas Gift Guide to make your make life easier. If you want to speak to one of our friendly promotional products experts, please feel free to contact us.

8 Hottest Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas


It’s looking like it’ll be close to business usual this December! The good old days of ending the work-year with a celebratory Christmas party, spending Christmas day with family and friends and gifting ‘til your heart’s content is looking increasingly likely to be back, so to help you get your gift ideas flowing we’ve compiled out 8 hottest corporate Christmas gifts in time for December proceedings.


Stax Eco Lunchbox

Admit it, you spent a tonne of cash on delivered meals during the lockdowns, didn’t you? Rest assured, so did everybody else. So, now that we’re trickling back into the office and everybody now has actual social plans to look forward to, we’re all a little more conscious of our mid-week food spend and are opting for leftovers rather than that $30 burger. This eco lunch-box enables you to transport a hearty meal to the office without feeling like you’re lumbering a suitcase around.



Drinkware Gift Box


We’re back out and about, keen to look and feel our best in time for a social summer with friends and family. What’s rule number 1 of getting back into shape? Hydration, stylishly. This drinkware gift box is the perfect corporate Christmas gift for a colleague or a client.


Trekk Round Picnic Blanket


Getting out into the sun with friends and champagne is everyone’s favourite Sunday activity. This round picnic blanket is conducive to lively conversation and offers all who sit on it easy access to the open bottle being passed around, whatever may be flowing.


Stripe Cotton Cooler Bag


...and when you do head out to said Sunday picnic you’re going to need a bag to carry all the goodies you’ll pack. Fruit, chocolates, or a full charcuterie board, this generously sized and fashionably striped cooler bag has you covered.


Vancouver Picnic Set


Got a colleague or client who’s a little too precious? We all do, and that person around here might even be me... Look after them with this picnic set complete with straps for a ceramic plate, slots for cutlery to keep it all clean, and a well appointed storage compartment.


Speaker Kepir


We know, we know, the body likes the person blasting music at the beach, but some quiet tunes to set the mood on a sunny December afternoon never warranted any complaints. The Kepir speaker is durable enough to be thrown into a handbag, compact enough to not be a nuisance, and powerful enough to facilitate a great listening experience. After all, who doesn’t love a portable speaker?


Camden Foldable 3in1 Fast Wireless Charging Stand


The pick of the bunch for the boys in our office, this wireless charger keeps your side table neat and keeps all your devices ready for a summer full of activity, socialising, and 2022 packed full of exciting work and enterprising.


Clear Christmas Cracker with Lindor balls


There’s a reason chocolate has become synonymous with just about every holiday on the’s everyone’s favourite! A sure bet as far as gifting goes, these festive Lindor balls will delight any recipient.


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Eco-friendly Christmas Corporate Gifts


Christmas gifts don't need to cost the planet. Picking an eco-friendly gift helps you establish a positive perception of your brand among your target audience. With people getting more conscious about "What they buy & Who they buy from", opting for sustainable Christmas corporate gift can add significant value to your brand. It shows that your brand is ethical and conscious about topics that matter to people. We have put together a range of eco-friendly promotional products that's on-trend and environmentally friendly.