Isagenix- Finalist APPA Award

“Everyone Deserves Better Wellbeing From the Inside Out"

Our client Insagenix, creates and supplies health products which assists customers to achieve their weight management, beauty, fitness and nutrition goals. Their motto is: “Everyone Deserves Better Wellbeing From the Inside Out”. The business works towards their own sustainability journey with the “Greener Together” mantra and their sustainability philosophy is simple: To celebrate growth and achievement while protecting the planet.

Our Brief: 

Our client requested a packaging box to fit their pre-packaged new skincare range that could be produced with sustainable attributes aligning with their sustainable philosophy. Finish: Premium finish to complement the features and quality of the product range and deliver the best customer “product unwrap” experience.

Colours: White & silver foil branding.
Specifications: Size to ensure products fit.
210mm (w)x 210mm (l) x 65mm
(h) Collapsible– fold flat freight
Total weight to carry – sturdy

Our solution: The client brief was to design and produce a product box with a premium finish, whilst also highlighting the brand’s sustainability philosophy. Our sourcing team researched the options available to meet the specifics of the brief. We obtained appropriate sample options and the client was offered a selection of box packaging styles to choose from. After careful consideration and meetings (in person) with the client, the collapsible boxes were the option selected. Small magnets were used to hold the box closed.The client requested the magnets inside the box lid be made removable to make the box 100% recyclable. Our Senior Account Manager collaborated with our offshore manufacturing partners, investigating how this could be achieved.

An initial pre-production sample was then produced to test and to ensure the artwork was positioned correctly over the removable magnet area.This message needed to be easily communicated to the consumer. The samples produced also enabled us to test the different paper finishes, the magnet placement and testing of removable magnets, plus assess the box size to be able to accommodate and fit the skincare products perfectly.

On the Account Manager’s recommendation, a second pre-production sample was consequently produced to make the removable magnet more user friendly with instructions and heighten prominence. The boxes were able to be flat packed into delivery cartons. Plastic bags or dividers were not used to reduce waste and final delivery was completed within 10 weeks via Sea freight.

Quantity purchased: 10,000 

Client Testimonial

"The final product was beautifully finished, with a logo to promote that the box was recyclable and clear instructions on how to peel off stickers on the inside of the box to remove the magnets before recycling the packaging. This box has also featured in presentations and in a recent article in Marie Clare fashion magazine. 


The approach the team took to manage the project from providing solutions to delivering a quality product on time and on budget was very impressive and we wish them all the best for this award."


Uriel Lopez, Marketing Director, Isagenix.