Summer has arrived, so why not order promo products to fit the season! Brand Promotions love to create practical products for seasonal changes, this ensures your promotional goods are in use during the season which is vital for ensuring your brand is on display and further gives your product purpose!


Brand Promotions has given you a head start by listing the 10 Best Promotional Products for Summer Season!


List of 10 Best Summer Promotional Products and Ideas 2022

1. Metal Drink Bottles
2. Sunscreens
3. Beach Towels
4. Caps
5. Sun Visors
6. Beach Umbrellas
7. Sunglasses
8. Stubby Holders
9. Beach Ball
10. Cooler Bags


1. Metal Drink Bottles

Refreshing sips of cold drinks during summer is a must! Metal water bottles not only help keep your water cool but are also super sturdy and last not only during summer but all year round. Hydration is key during this time of year, therefore an environmentally friendly water bottle that comes in a diverse colour range and is practical during this season is a top promo product.​


2. Sunscreens

Not only is keeping hydrated important during summer, so is skin protection! SPH sunscreen is vital under the Australian sun, therefore this makes for a perfect promo product during this time of year. You are ensuring your clients stay safe during the season as well as boosting your brand awareness as sunscreen is applied daily in summer, which ensures your brand is on the go for all eyes to see at the beach, park and even festivals!

3. Beach Towels

Going to the beach or pool during summer is inevitable. Towels are constantly in use; therefore, your brand will constantly be seen. This is another item which is easily customisable and super practicable.​


4. Caps

Following along with purposeful gifts, caps! Sun protection is key to prevent skin issues in future such as skin cancer, premature skin damage and sunburn. Caps are practical and super diverse as they come in various materials, shapes, sizes and colours!

5. Sun Visors

These have made a huge comeback in the fashion scene. Retro styles are in and sun visors specifically have been recreated by major fashion houses. Not only will your clients be protected from the sun but fashionable at the same time as sun visors come in numerous fabrics and colours!

6. Beach Umbrellas

Family days at the beach are not complete without a beach umbrella! Instant shade from the hot sun is very refreshing not only for adults but for younger children too when relaxing on the sand. Beach umbrellas are easy to set up and takedown, as well as being compact making it easy for clients to transport during the holiday season.

7. Sunglasses

These are a fun promotional product as they come in a range of styles and colours which are constantly in use during summer! Sun protection is key as people tend to be attending many outdoor events in summer.

8. Stubby Holders

Kantastic - Full Colour Stubby Holder

Cold drinks in summer are extremely refreshing, but can freeze your fingertips when holding them for too long! Stubby Holders easily fix that issue making it comfortable for drinks to be held for long periods of time. Stubby holders are very customisable and come in various colours and materials making it a perfect promo product to be seen at BBQs or days at the beach.

9. Beach Ball

This is a super fun product, it shows your brand is creative and lively as it is a promotional product which can bring a lot of entertainment and joy to the people using it. Beach balls are safe for kids to play with and encourage people to be active also!

10. Cooler Bags

Summer excites people to get involved in more outdoor activities. Picnics and days at the beach require cooler bags to keep drinks cool and food fresh. These are great practical summer branded promotional products which come in all sorts of sizes and colours making it easily customisable for your client.