What Is Gift With Purchase?

A GWP (Gift With Purchase) is an effective promotional tool that provides point-of-sale influence. Whilst these types of promotions are more prevalent and noticeable in the retail environment (B2C) they are equally powerful when utilised in business to business (B2B) campaigns.


Benefits of GWP


Acquisition of New Customer


Successful GWP promotions generate strong emotion - the feeling of receiving something FREE is a universal emotional stimulant – in advertising the word “Free” comes only behind “You” and “Yours” for pulling power. A well-chosen, appealing GWP has the power to make long term loyal customers change brands and experiment with products they would never have considered previously.


Gift With Purchase Examples Australia


Foster Customer Loyalty


They are equally powerful when used to foster loyalty to a Retailer or Supplier – a good example would be the frequent toy “collectibles” promotions run by Coles and Woolworths when a certain amount (usually $30) is spent in-store. These promotions manage to generate continuous consumer excitement for up to 2 months as parents try to “one-up” other parents by having their child achieve ownership of an entire “set”.


According to new survey findings from Harris Interactive, 90% Consumers Stated a Free Gift With Purchase Increases Brand Loyalty.



Strategic Alternative to Discounting


GWP is also a powerful strategic alternative to discounting. When a product or service is discounted, there is usually an immediate “spike” in sales. If this is done frequently the price generally moves downwards permanently, squeezing margin with little hope of future improvement and creating “sales voids” as customers wait for the next discounted offer.


By offering a GWP with a high perceived value relative to cost (eg purchased for $2, promoted as “valued at $10”) the seller enjoys increased sales with little impact on margin. Traditionally, when the promotion period ends, sales do not slump like they do when a discount promotion ends.



Gift With Purchase Example


Branded promotional products make perfect GWP’s, particularly when practical products, able to be used long term in everyday life are chosen. Current successfully utilised favourites include: USB drives, Power Banks, It Accessories, Clothing and even some PPE products such as a Free Sanitiser Dispenser when purchasing face masks.


Brand Promotions: Your Gift With Purchase Partner


The Brand Promotions team have long been assisting clients such as Coles, Woolworths, David Jones and Myer to effectively utilise ‘Gift With Purchase’ (GWP) promotions. The aim is to attract and entice customers, fostering long-term loyalty resulting in repeat purchases.


So whether you’re looking to launch a new brand, secure more shelf space, attract thousands of new customers or lock-in purchasing loyalty, we can assist you to achieve your marketing goals.


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