Thoughtfully conceived and expertly executed, what began as a way to encourage kids to watch the Games and to sell merchandise, the 2020 Games mascot has become a symbol of togetherness and has galvanised all who eagerly await their favourite event.  


Meet Miraitowa, the official 2020  Tokyo Olympic Games mascot. Its name, comprised of the Japanese words ‘mirai’ (future) and ‘towa’ (eternity), echoes the warm sentiment of a prosperous enduring future for all despite the drama-plagued months surrounding the Games. More than that though, Miraitowa is said to have the unique power of teleportation. Personifying the oh-so culturally significant virtue of respectfulness, Miraitowa respects the tradition of the Games but is also welcoming of the latest cutting-edge technology and as such, is able to vacillate between the digital world and real world and thus, brings the real world to us, digitally.  


More than a cute cartoon then, the mascot represents the balance between adhering to traditions of the illustrious games while leveraging modern technology in a way that brings us close, although we are far from the stadiums where our athletes compete.



The stadiums will be empty, and Tokyo won’t register on the Richter scale for 17 days straight as it might’ve, but Miraitowa’s value won’t be forgotten.



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