Are you looking for a cost effective strategy to launch a new product or service?  Want an efficient way to keep your marketing message and website details in front of your prospects and customers? Need to reinforce your brand in a crowded market?

An effective promotional product strategy gives you…

  • Massive Reach:  The ability to communicate with your market -- fast
  • Superior Personal Impact:  The advantage of one-to-one messaging
  • Scalability:  The opportunity to expand your marketing in stages
  • Return On Investment:  Unbeatable results for the investment

And best of all, Promotional Products…

Give Your Marketing Message Longevity

After an ad is long forgotten, a promotional product continues to deliver your message and build your brand – for weeks, months and even years.

In a way, promotional products are the cheapest, most diligent ‘sales people’ your organisation will ever have. They never complain, don’t take sick days, and perform consistently – delivering your marketing message day after day after day.

Take the Humble Pen For Example…

A pen can be made in any shape, style or colour to perfectly match your brand. Your name, marketing message and contact details can be printed on the barrel or clip and read easily by your prospects and customers. And when used every day your brand is continually reinforced. 

On top of that, a pen can be given to a friend or associate thus becoming an effective referral tool further increasing market reach. Speaking about reach…

Consider the Post It Note (or as we say ‘JOTSTIX’)

Each pad contains numerous notes (usually 50). That means an order of just 5,000 pads has the potential for 250,000 marketing impressions. And for even more impact, they can be cut to any shape, printed in any colour, and carry a longer marketing message which may include your positioning statement.

As The Commonwealth Bank discovered, Promotional JOTSTIX Notes are the perfect way to launch a new product or service. We designed a unique phone-shaped pad to help them launch Mobile Banking. Their campaign had the potential for a stunning 1.8 million impressions. 

And Promotional JOTSTIX Notes make the perfect brand differentiation device. Sitting conveniently on a desk, they urge your customer to order from you instead of your competitors. Or torn from the pad and given away they become the most convenient way to recommend your brand.

ow that’s just 2 examples of effective promotional products that can be manufactured in high volumes. There are literally thousands of promotional products available. The challenge can be…

How to Choose the Right Promotional Product for Your Campaign

Unfortunately many companies waste money on promotional products that simply end up in the bin. That’s a shame when, with some expert guidance, the right promotional product can be a stunningly successful ‘evergreen’ marketing tool. Brand Promotions has 30 years of experience helping clients…

Find the Perfect Product:  Looking at online product catalogues can be confusing. And it limits you to the same products everyone else uses. An effective promotional product makes your brand stand out. That’s why we start by understanding your brand culture. And the goals you have for your campaign. Then we give you specific recommendations (pre-existing and custom designs) to consider. And we base all this on more than 30 years of experience (and results) working with some of the most successful brands in the world. People like Nestle, Gilette and Commonwealth Bank.

Source Or Manufacture:  With offices in Australia and China with manufacturing relationships that span 3 decades, we can source or commission any promotional product you can imagine. Our in-house specialist designers can give your product the ‘wow factor’ to add impact to your marketing message. And using Logo Bank Protocol we can match the colours perfectly to your brand.

Ensure Premium Quality and On-Time Delivery: It’s true – sourcing and manufacturing promotional products in China can be cheaper. But it often comes with significant risk. That’s why we started developing reliable manufacturing relationships in China over 30 years ago. And it’s why we have formed partnerships with organisations in Hong Kong and China who closely monitor our inspectors on-the-ground -- overseeing every step of manufacture and delivery to ensure your products are premium quality and shipped on time. When you deal with Brand Promotions you benefit from China pricing without the risks.