S26 GOLD Infant Formula Gift With Purchase

Who is the client?

The client is Aspen Nutritional and they are an infant formula division and the name of the product is S-26 Gold. The product is available worldwide in most pharmacies as well as grocery stores.

Who is their target market?

Their target market is children ages between 12 to 24 months that are being weaned off breast milk.

What do they want to achieve with this campaign?

The aim of the campaign is to increase sales. The main theme of the gift with purchase was the perfect combination of science and love. With this we sat down with the clients and went through what they wanted out of this gift with purchase campaign and they said they wanted to target the moms. So we created a lunch bag, a feeding bowl, and a sipping cup which was targeted at the moms so that they could use it every day and their children would love to use it at the same time.

What were the concerns the client had about this campaign?

The client had a few concerns as the previous campaigns they have run, their products may not been have the high perceived value with their gift with purchase, so they didn't get the sales that they were hoping for. But with this product that we have created for them, the client got the exact result that they were after.

What did Brand do in this campaign?

During the process of creating the gift with purchase, we sat down with Aspen, we found out exactly what they were looking for, who their target market was, and what sort of value they would like to attach to the gift with purchase. So then we went to our suppliers, we found the right product, and we created a lunch box as well as a feeding bottle and a sipping cup that had their theme perfectly matched on the items, which was the perfect combination of science and love. It was a lovely items because the mother got to use it with their children every day when they purchased the two cans gift with purchase promotion.

What was the outcome?

The outcome was fantastic, the client receives a 170% increase in sales, so that was a really good result for the client. And in addition we actually won an award of excellence from APPA for the Gift with Purchase that we have created.