Stay Hygienic Pack

Product description | Item No. 59878

By popular demand we have put together the essentials to help you and your loved ones stay healthy and hygienic.This timely pack includes Australian made, World Health Organisation recommended formula hand sanitiser gel.You can never have too much hand sanitiser!Theres also 10 packs of 65% alcohol based antibacterial wipes for all those surfaces-keyboards, phones and bench tops.There are even 3ply pocket tissues to take on the goContents:4x 50mL Hand Sanitiser4x Antibacterial Wipes (10pk)4x Pocket TissuesAll packaged inside an innovative Australian Made gift box, that also doubles as a laptop stand ....genius!Due to unforseen demand on products, some items may require substitution. A member of the Unity Collective team will confirm all details before processing your order.