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Best Care Packages For Employees in Australia

If the past 18 months have taught us anything, it’s that the long-observed workplace norms are more disposable than ever thought before. Working from home will remain an option for many, virtual events will be embraced as a more cost-efficient alternative to auditorium presentations and dialing into a meeting in your slippers will endure as an appropriate option.


While these changes are welcomed with open arms by many, they also pose new challenges to marketers and managers alike. Global research during the pandemic unearthed that the single greatest challenge for marketers was engaging with employees/clients in real time. This obstacle is heightened even further when juggling a mass of colleagues during a meeting or virtual event.


...But, not to worry! Corporate Employee Packs are the perfect solution. Fully customisable from the packaging to the contents, simply let us know the quantity, purpose, destinations and time of delivery and we’ll handle the rest for you. Whether you’ve got some gift ideas of your own or you’re in need of some inspiration we’ll take every step of the way with you towards executing an engaging event or simply rewarding your employees with a thoughtful gift pack.


Among the top challenges faced by marketers according to the research, following ‘engaging in real time’ was innovating, creating a cohesive customer journey across channels and devices and collaboration. Employee Welcome Pack Australia give you the opportunity to overcome all of these challenges all the while increasing engagement with your audience to the full.


Innovate by tailoring your corporate employee packs to suit the mood, purpose, audience and occasion of your event. There are no limits to how creative you can get! Balancing corporate agendas with universal mood-boosters has proven ultra-successful for many of our clients already, offering their guests notepads and stationery and also surprising them with corporate branded chocolate and a massage parlour voucher.
Ensure your guest experiences a cohesive customer journey by giving them products that will prove useful and enduring, and thus will embody your brand’s essence reminding the client of your value and remaining a tangible touchpoint until you enjoy in-person interaction again.


Corporate employee kits also afford you an excellent opportunity to collaborate with brand partners. Products and packaging can be co-branded, personalised notes can be included and many other opportunities for collaboration are available through corporate colleague packs.


Corporate colleague packs are ideal for a multitude of occasions. Our clients have realised the benefits of engaging in custom kit distribution in various ways. Many clients have reconnected with employees who might have begun to feel invisible while working from home. Just as surely that was not the case, the kits that were designed and assembled were received warmly and with much gratitude. Something as simple as including an employee’s favourite snack or a thoughtful book into the pack demonstrates an appreciation for someone’s value within a cohort. Similarly, during team zoom meetings including restaurant vouchers or a hot chocolate mix for all to enjoy simultaneously galvanises the team and brings all together even when they are apart.


Corporate Gift Packs for Your Employee


There are no border restrictions for corporate employee packs either. Employee and clients interstate and overseas needn’t be excluded from the event because we can send the packs overseas as we can across the road. It is important to note though, that some products such as ones that include batteries are more prone to border security confiscation. But don’t worry, our team will guide you through these windy bits along the design process to make sure all your gifts are delivered as and when intended.


Largely, the motivation behind the kits, especially when sent to employees, is to let them know they’re an important part of the group and are cared for. Because of this, we offer kit-boxes that, once emptied, fold into an upright laptop stand on which one can rest their work-from-home laptop to ensure they are supported ergonomically throughout their work day. Remember, the devil is in the details! And its details like these that really convey the message you want to.


Other popular items include stress balls, notebooks and pens, snacks, reading books, desk items, PPE equipment and letters from the sender to the receiver.


According to an Australian survey conducted in 2020-21, 55% of Australian marketing managers expect the work situation moving forward to be remote or hybrid. Similarly, 70% of functions and events are expected to be virtual or hybrid in 2022, so prepare for better engagement by designing your own corporate gift pack for your clients and employees, and make your next congregation a memorable one for all.