AbbVie Patient Travel Pack


AbbVie supply injectable medication for patients with rheumatoid arthritis to manage their condition

Our brief   To develop and supply a travel pack aimed at increasing patient compliance when travelling. The medication needs to continually be kept at a temperature between two and eight degrees for 12 hours plus - the pack then in use was cumbersome and due to the inconvenience, patients often left it at home

Our solution  We designed a practical compact patient pack featuring two removable freezer bricks. The very latest insulation technology ensured the bricks thawed at a slow controlled rate for up to 14 hours, covering flight legs to USA and Europe if required.

After intensive testing, AbbVie approved the prototype and we jointly designed a set of instructions for inclusion. Production and QC measures at our offshore facility then commenced whilst we ensured the pack was officially placed on the TGA Device Register

The AbbVie patient pack has been a highly successful initiative now in its third year of keeping patients healthy whilst enjoying their travels!