Looking for a cost effective way to get brand recognition, brand remembrance and brand adoption? For many pharmaceutical companies it’s not as easy as it used to be.


Remember the days when you could be creative with promotional products -- even a little bit fun… and certainly memorable?


That was when the top 22 pharmaceutical companies in Australia adhered to a sound code of conduct under Medicines Australia. Over the years the code was reviewed 12 times to ensure standards remained beyond reproach.


But then the government overreacted with unnecessarily strict regulations. Their knee-jerk reaction put a complete stop to most promotional products in pharmaceutical marketing.  Or so it seemed.


The New Era of Pharmaceutical Promotional Products…


As government regulation tightened, most pharmaceutical companies abandoned promotional products altogether. But with the help of Brand Promotions, some discovered a new way to differentiate their brand through promotional products - even in this heavily regulated area.


You see there is a way to use promotional products to remind doctors to recommend your brand. And there is a way to be the brand that patients choose. But you have to know what you can and cannot do.


Do You Make These Mistakes In Promotional Product Marketing?

  • Do you know what you absolutely must NOT include on a promotional product (but what you CAN include that is even more valuable)?
  • Do you know the type of promotional product that both doctors and patients love (and totally comply with current regulations)?
  • Do you know how to get your logo displayed prominently on the desk of every doctor in your area of specialty?

‚ÄčThe team at Brand Promotions have been experts in Pharmaceutical Marketing for more than 30 years.
We have evolved with the changing legislation and are specialists at marketing through patient education
-- providing doctors in 54 countries and 24 languages with educational tools that promote significant pharmaceutical brands.


One of our recent innovations is the ‘Patient Compliance Pack’. This unique promotional product is handy for
patients, provides valuable patient education, and promotes the values of the pharmaceutical brand… all while complying with current regulations.


To see a range of innovative promotional product ideas and find out more about how Brand Promotions can help you grow your brand and increase sales – while complying with current regulations call 02 9313 8844.