• What if there was a way to compel retailers to freely offer you more shelf space
    without you having to beg for it?
  • And what if you could magnetically attract thousands of new customers to try your brand for the first time? 
  • And how much would your sales increase if shoppers started buying a whole season’s supply of your product instead of just one unit?

Sound like a dream? Not if you know how.

Here at Brand Promotions we’ve been helping clients get more shelf space (with major retailers like Coles, Woolworths and even department stores like David Jones and Myer)… 

…launch new products and attract thousands of customers (locally and globally)…

…and lock in long-term customer loyalty…

…using ‘Gift With Purchase’ (GWP) promotions. And we’ve been doing it for over 30 years. 

In fact companies like Revlon, Clarins and Pfizer (to name just a few) regularly trust us with multi-million dollar launches and promotional campaigns. 

That’s because we don’t merely supply the promotional products. In a sense, we ‘partner’ with our clients to ensure a successful campaign. Like when we helped Nestle launch Heavan Chocolate drink with a range of collectable tins that customers can reused over and over again.

And when we worked with Avon to launch their ANEW Skin Care Range, we collaborated and worked with them to design and developed a range of accessories and packaging that are stunning and attractive.

And it doesn’t need to cost a fortune either. We know budgets are tight. You’re always juggling to get the best value for money.

With offices in Australia, and China manufacturing relationships that go back 30 years, we can design and commission magnificent GWP products for just cents in the dollar. It’s not unusual for our GWP products to have a perceived value of $20 or more… but cost clients no more than $1.

But it’s also critical to maintain supreme quality. And brand integrity. That’s why our expert designers go to great lengths to match colours (using ’Logo Bank Protocol’) and create a design that represents the emotion and message of your brand.

And we have inspectors on the ground to ensure consistent quality and total compliance (including health and safety).

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So whether you’re looking to launch a new brand, secure more shelf space, attract thousands of new customers or lock in purchasing loyalty, we can help. And it starts with our 7-step ‘Project Goal Assessment’.

During this no-obligation assessment, we will listen and understand your overall objectives. Then using our 30 years of experience and global network of partners we will brainstorm ideas. And finally create a truly unique product that enhances your brand, complies with regulations (including health and safety) and meets your campaign objectives.

So if you want a GWP product that causes retailers to chase you…

…produces a stampede of new customers…

…and skyrockets immediate sales and long-term loyalty…

…book your Free ‘Project Goal Assessment’ today.

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