Whether you are a university, private college or even a school, there is no better way to market your faculty than with promotional products.


Promotional products offer a cost-effective way to…Grow your brand locally and globally

  • Set your facility apart from your competitors
  • Give your advertising permanence by putting your brand in the hands of prospects
  • Minimise drop-out rate at ‘O Week’ and first term
  • Maximise engagement through social grouping (clubs, fraternities, associations)
  • Facilitate pride of association and ambassadorship through souvenirs and remembrance items

On top of that, promotional products are…

  • Inexpensive,
  • Quick and easy to order… and…
  • Have lasting impact – especially in a competitive industry like education.

But before you place an order online, it’s critical to think about…


What Promotional Products Are Best for Your Brand?

With dozens of suppliers and thousands of different products, choosing promotional items can be confusing. Sure, you could spend hours looking at online catalogues for ideas. But remember, that’s what other faculties do. And you don’t want to end up with the same, bland promo products your competitors use, do you?

You want something that makes you stand out. Promotional products that match your logo and brand colours. Promotional items that communicate your unique emotional message. 


How to Find Quality Promotional Products…

Brand Promotions has been providing high value, low cost promotional products to the education sector for more than 30 years. Through offices in Australia, and China manufacturing relationships that span 3 decades, we can design and make almost anything you can imagine.


Universities rely on Brand Promotions year after year for many reasons including…

  • High quality, low cost products:  Through our network of Chinese manufacturers and global partners we are able to provide superior quality products at stunningly low prices. For example, a promotional item that may have a perceived value as high as $10 can often be sourced or custom-made for as little as $2
  • Consistent quality and on-time delivery:  For many companies, relying on overseas suppliers can be hit-and-miss. The prices may be lower but the risks are not worth it. But when you order from Brand Promotions you can be sure your products will be premium quality, 100% compliant and delivered on-time every time because we have inspectors overseeing every stage of manufacture and shipment of your product. That means you get the best quality at the lowest price… without the risk.
  • Innovative design:  Brand Promotions has access to thousands of products through every major promotional products catalogue manufacturer. But we can also design and custom-make a one-of-a-kind promotional item for you. Now you can have a promotional product that truly represents your brand in the market.
  • Perfect colour matching:  While most promotional product suppliers can only offer you a limited range of colours to choose from, at Brand Promotions we use Logo Bank Protocol to ensure the colours match your logo and brand colours perfectly. That means your promotional product can be a true representation of your brand in the market place.
  • Online Portal ensures brand consistency across all your departments:  With multiple departments across your university, it can be challenging for you to control your branding. You can end up with a whole range of colours, fonts and logos in the market. But when you order from Brand Promotional, our dedicated Education Consultant ensures every product that contains your logo lives up to your brand standards. We’ll even create your very own ‘Web Shop’ so any department can quickly and easily order from a range of approved promotional products.   
  • Supply on demand:  Would you like immediate access to promotional products but don’t want big boxes cluttering up your site? Brand Promotions’ ‘Pre-Print and Storage’ service gives you the best of both worlds. You can order in bulk (and enjoy generous savings of up to 60%) and we will simply send the items to you as you need them.
  • Fast turnaround:  Left things a bit late this year? No problem. Our range of ‘express’ items and local supply chain mean your promotional products can be ready in as little as 2 days.


You too can enjoy these benefits. And it starts with a 7-Step…Free Project Goal Assessment… 


Don’t waste hours searching through catalogues of products that every university has access to. Instead, contact our dedicated Education Consultant for a Free Project Goal Assessment.


He will take you through our unique 7-step process to help you identify products that give you the most impact for your budget. And when you place your order, he will keep you in the loop with frequent status updates. 


So go ahead, contact us today on 02 9313 8844. Arrange a time for your free Project Goal Assessment. And see what Brand Promotions promotional products can do for you.