Direct sales organisations understand the power of recognition and reward. The challenge is finding meaningful gifts that don’t cost the earth. But when you get it right, the results can be truly spectacular because recognition gifts…


Give Your Encouragement Lasting Affect

You can pat someone on the back, give them a standing ovation, and speak words of congratulations for a job well done. But a meaningful gift or recognition pin allows your encouragement to live on in the weeks, months… and even years ahead. 

When difficulties and disappointments come -- perhaps in the form of another “no” from a prospect… or a down-line distributor cancelling (or being poached from another organisation) - a meaningful recognition gift can be just the motivation that is needed to get ‘back on the horse’ and keep moving forward.


Napoleon Hill Was Right…

“What your mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.”

But just as we need to breathe and eat, we need to feed our minds with positive thoughts. And when you can’t be there in person, a recognition gift can deliver that message of encouragement for you. But…


All Recognition Gifts Are Not Equal

With dozens of suppliers and thousands of gift items to choose from, finding the right recognition gifts can be confusing.

Here are 3 things to consider when choosing recognition rewards.  


1.  Worth More Than It Costs: 

We’ve all seen cheesy, cheap rewards that look like they come from the $2 shop. Giving that as a recognition gift can backfire and actually demotivate (or even offend) your consultant. The ideal recognition gift looks like it’s worth a million dollars (or at least $10, $20, $50 or more) but costs far less. Take this gorgeous bling keyring for example. Something like this would easily retail in the shops for over $60. But depending on the quantity you need, you could secure a gift like this for as little as just $5. Picture your distributor’s face as you encourage them with a gift like this.


2.  Enhances Your Brand: 

Just adding your logo to a product doesn’t mean it will enhance your brand.  The colours, the style, the quality – they all need to match perfectly. So while it may be tempting to simply choose generic gifts from online catalogues, you may like to consider something custom made. Take this Avon custom made umbrella for example. Notice how the colour of the fabric matches their brand colour. And the style and quality support the values of the brand. So why settle for ‘close enough’ when you can give a gift that truly represents your company. A gift you can feel proud to present to your distributors.


3.  Excites and Motivates: 

Like getting an iron or socks for Christmas, the wrong recognition gift can be a big disappointment. (Gee, a new vacuum cleaner – thanks for that!). The best type of reward gift surprises the recipient. Perhaps something they secretly dream of owning but would never buy for themselves. And even better if it’s something they will use every day... as this reinforces the feeling of encouragement frequently.   


Brand Promotions has been designing, sourcing and commissioning recognition rewards for the direct selling industry for more than 30 years. With offices in Australia, and China manufacturing relationships that go back 3 decades, we can design and make almost anything you can imagine. And with inspectors overseeing the manufacture and shipping of your products, you can rest easy knowing…

  • The quality is first rate
  • Compliance to all Australian regulations (including safety) will be met…and…
  • Your gifts will arrive on time. 


A Specialist On Hand To Help 

When you contact Brand Promotions, your dedicated Direct Selling Consultant will help you develop a brief for the perfect recognition gift.  Our team of in-house designers will then bring your ideas to life through innovative and artistic design that motivates your distributor while strengthening your brand. And our network of manufacturers will create the product and get it to you on time. And it all begins with your…


Free ‘Project Goal Assessment’

Your dedicated Direct Selling Consultant, will take you through our unique 7-step process. This service is free and completely without obligation. At the end, you’ll have an action plan of ideas and a firm proposal (including price) to move forward with.


So if you’re looking for gifts to reward and motivate your consultants and distributors… gifts that communicate your emotional message and enhance your brand… and gifts that are worth way more than they cost… email us or call 02 9313 8844 to arrange your Free Project Goal Assessment today.