Tired of ‘catalogue products’that look ‘same-old-same-old’? Want something unique and extraordinary that makes your brand ‘pop’in a crowded market place?

And want it all without spending the earth or having to suffer painfully long lead times?

With offices in Australia, and China manufacturing relationships that go back 30 years, we can design and make almost anything you can imagine…at prices so low you’ll hardly believe it.

Take this NAPOLEON PERDIS 2 Piece bag set custom made from the six different fabric treatments and right down to the custom moulded Napoleon PERDIS zipper toggles ? Have you ever seen anything like it? No? That’s because we took our client through our proprietary 7-step ‘Project Goal Assessment’.

This begins with listening and understanding the overall objectives of the campaign. Then using our 30 years of experience and global network of partners to brainstorm ideas. And finally create a truly unique product to enhance our client’s brand. And here’s what our client had to say about it…

Promotional products are a dime-a-dozen. Most can be found in the same 2-3 catalogues put out by a few major manufacturers. They are all very similar. And certainly don’t include features and colours that accurately represent the emotion and message of your unique brand.

If you really want to stand out from your competition, you want something truly unique. And you want something that matches your brand (including the exact colours –that’s why we use ’Logo Bank Protocol’). Anything less could actually damage your reputation.

Now, you could try to come up with the ideas yourself. But why would you when you can get free advice from an expert design team who constantly scour the world for innovative ideas? 

  • And if you’re really game (and don’t mind significant risk), you could even try to get something manufactured in China yourself. 
  • But do you know which suppliers you can rely on to deliver a quality product on time? 
  • Do you have a team in place overseeing the quality and consistency of the manufacturing? 

And do you have inspectors on the ground ensuring your product complies with all regulations including health and safety? 

​Imagine if something basic like the paint didn’t comply. And a child got sick because of it. You could have a PR nightmare on your hands (not to mention the welfare of a child).

So if you want something truly unique –a promotional product that matches and enhances your brand, provides longevity of promotion (long after your advertising has disappeared), and cuts through the noise of a crowded market --  book a Free ‘Project Goal Assessment’ today with our Brand Promotions Custom Product specialist..

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