It’s harder than ever. With new brands entering the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) market almost every week, competition is fierce. And Retailers appear to have all the power. They certainly like to ‘call the shots’. And that just leaves you begging for shelf space.

Plus, if you want to gain any sort of market traction you have to slash your prices (and profits) when your margins are already tight. But that risks devaluing your brand and puts you under pressure to keep discounting.

What if there was a way to…

  • Get retailers to beg you to take more shelf space
  • Compel thousands of new customers switch to your brand
  • Boost immediate sales and lock in long-term loyalty…

… all without discounting?

There is a way to do this… and more. And for over 30 years, we’ve been helping clients in the FMCG sector use…


Promotional Products to Gain Market Share

But not just any promotional products. Choosing the wrong product (or supplier) can do more harm than good. But when you get it right, the results can be spectacular. You can…

  • Occupy prime position on retail shelves
  • Catch the attention of shoppers who have never tried your brand
  • Compel thousands of customers to try your brand for the first time
  • Encourage shoppers to buy multiple units (often doubling and even tripling your immediate sales)
  • Lock in long term loyalty by helping customers form user habits
  • Stimulate word-of-mouth and referral marketing
  • Receive preferential treatment from retailers (even reaching preferred supplier status that blocks out your competition)
  • Dominate even the most competitive market -- literally overnight

But get it wrong and you could have a disaster on your hands. And many companies make mistakes like choosing a product that…

  • Costs too much and has little appeal to the target market so it doesn’t even get noticed by the consumer
  • Has packaging issues in terms of size and weight so it doesn’t end up on the shelves… or is relegated to an inferior position
  • Is low quality and causes a consumer backlash on social media
  • Doesn’t comply to Australian Standards resulting in a cancelled campaign, nasty press coverage and even legal battle 

So when it comes to using promotional products in the FMCG sector…


You Only Have One Chance to Get it Right

With offices in Australia, and China manufacturing relationships that go back 3 decades, Brand Promotions has the experience and resources to help you design and implement your next promotional product campaign including…


Dedicated FMCG Consultant:

That’s right. When you contact Brand Promotions about a FMCG campaign, you won’t speak with a general office assistant or pushy salesperson. You’ll get put straight through to an experienced consultant who specialises in this unique sector. We’ll help you with every step of the process including… refining your goals, developing ideas, creating a product, ensuring smooth manufacturing and delivery, and rolling out with your retailers. In a sense, we ‘partner’ with you to make sure your entire campaign is a success.


In-House Designers: 

There’s no need to waste time sourcing individual experts. We have a complete team on staff -- including award winning designers – at your disposal. And because we have specialised experience with the FMCG sector, we can give you the specific guidance you need to ensure your campaign is a winner.


Inspectors On the Ground:

The financial savings of sourcing products or arranging manufacturing in China are incredible. But if you lack the experience and cultural understanding of this unique country, the risks can be costly. We have dedicated inspectors on the ground in China overseeing all manufacturing and shipping. When you deal with Brand Promotions, you get the best of both worlds: cost savings and certainty. 

And to make sure your campaign is a glowing success too, we’re glad to offer you a Free ‘Project Goal Assessment’. During this initial consultation your Brand Promotions Specialist will listen and understand your goals, brainstorm ideas with you (and our network of global partners) and develop an innovative, custom proposal for your brand (including firm costings).

Naturally you are under no obligation to order. While other companies pressure you to ‘give them a contract (and a big fee), we say: Don’t give us a cent until we prove we have the ideas and capability to deliver.

So put us to the test. Call 02 9313 8844 or email us to get in touch with our dedicated FMCG Consultant and see how a promotional product campaign can help you get more shelf space and dominate your market without discounting.