Revolution POS

Who is the client?

The client is Zoetis, they are major worldwide animal health provider, and they have products both for domestic and farm animals.

What is the product?

The primary product is Revolution, which is a flea and tick treatments for both dogs and cats and its distributed through both vet channels and retail including Pet Barns.

What did they want to achieve with this customised product?

They need something that was gonna be eye catching, it was enticing for the customers, and it was gonna display their brand clearly and easily.

Other important requirement for the merchandiser is that they need it to be flexible, so they wanted something that was gonna be great as a standalone units for pet clinics, but also was gonna be great to be able to be stacked into a large display at the Pet Barns.

What alternative products they have tried?

In the past they had a cardboard merchandiser, which was great, which was doing the job well but it just wasn't getting the shelf space dominance which was required.

What concerns do they have about this project?

The major concern that they have on such a major project like this was budget because they want something new and customised design, and they weren't sure that it would be able fit within the budget.

How did Brand help them achieve their goals?

What we did is that we conducted a study of the retail environment, we went out to the Pet Barns and also to the vet clinics to see how they were actually being used in the fields and what will fit well within the space. From then, we conducted quite a lot of meetings with the sales team, to find out all of their specific requirements and all their concerns, about what the product needed to do and how it need to perform.

What we also did is we hired an industrial designer, who then produced technical drawings and 3D images. From there we produced a video to show the client to make sure it was going to be what they wanted.

After this, once the client have approved all of the technical drawings, we then move to making the moulds. The moulds were made and we produce several prototypes to make sure that the product is perfect.

Following from this, production began. Goods were made, QC was completed in China, and then we shipped the products in time which was in winter, just an advance with the flea and tick season in spring time. So the client was extremely happy.

What was the outcome of the project?

The outcome was the client and their customers loved the product. They love the big yellow display stands, which were easy to identify and they managed to regain their shelf space dominance back again in the market place. And lastly they managed to achieve increase product sales. More flea treatments were out there and the dogs and the cats were happy.

Oh and by the way, the most exciting thing for us and for the client is that we entered the product into the Carl Rosenfield Design Award and won Best Product for 2013.