Herbalife trial pack campaign

Who is the client?

My clients name is Herbalife, and they are in the direct selling industry.

What is their product?

Herbalife is a nutritional company. They are in the direct selling industry. They sell supplements, and they also have a skincare range.

What do they want to achieve with this campaign?

Herbalife have a three day trial pack. To begin with, this pack is quite expensive to make, and it was quite cumbersome. So they want to redesign this trial pack, to make it more contemporary and easy to handle for the distributors and also to mail out to prospective clients.

The pack was also meant to hold marketing materials and samples, so we had to figure a way to hold it all together.

Ultimately, it was a lead generation tool. It was a very important process in their marketing plans.

How did Brand help Herbalife achieve the goal?

After receiving this brief from Herbalife, we went to visit them at the head office, which is based on Adelaide. We sat down with their marketing team, and brainstormed ideas to help improve this three day trial pack. After we discussed and got an idea on what the client wanted, we developed a pre-production sample for them.

After the sample was received, and the client was happy with the product, we went on to the manufacturing stage. This manufacturing stage was in China. It was audited by our independent Chinese inspectors, and this was to ensure that the product is made to the exact specifications that the client required. Once this stage was finished, we palletized and ship the products to Australia.

This entire process took us five to six weeks to do for them.

What were their concerns with this campaign?

Their main concern was the fact that we were going to produce their products over in China. China usually has a three month turnaround period. We were able to produce a pre-production sample, manufacture and deliver to the client, within the five to six weeks period.

What was the outcome of this campaign?

The outcome was that they have a completely new design... which they love. The distributors loved the product, and they still use it as a key lead generation tool. With these new improved design, they were able to cut almost half the cost they had compared to their original concept. Since then Herbalife have made another order, which was double the size of the previous order. So I guess everyone is happy.