Frontline Tick campaign

Who is the client?

The client is Merial, they're one of the world's biggest animal health companies and the product is Frontline, which is a monthly tick prevention medicine.

Who is their target market?

The target market is pet owners. Pets don't usually buy their own medicine and the pet owners are people with dogs or cats.

What did they want to achieve with this campaign?

Well, Frontline is a mature brand, very successful mature brand. But there's a lot of competition from new entries to the market. So the primary target was their existing client base.

They wanted to ensure at the start of the tick season that they hang on to their existing clients with a really good promotion.

What were their concerns about this campaign?

Well, it's always that this promotion activity gets crammed into the start of the tick and flea season. And as a result there's usually a lot of noise, a lot of competition at store level and at vet store level.

I guess the biggest concerns was a promotion that would get the consumer's attention, provoke a purchase and also hopefully to keep out the competition by getting the consumer to buy a whole season of Frontline rather than just one month.

How did Brand help them achieve this?

Well, we found the actual product in Europe. It's called Tick Card or Safe Card in Europe. And they had sold over 8 Million pieces in Europe already. Very simple but extraordinarily successful device for identifying and removing, safely removing ticks from both animals and humans.

We found that through our worldwide group. We introduced it to the client, then also in collaboration with the client, we did found a way to print onto the card and we printed the most common ticks, most commonly occurring Australian ticks, actually printed it directly onto the card, so it became like an educational piece as well as a practical tool.

Then we also developed a really clever packaging, the sleeve also became like an information brochure as well. The sleeve opens out into a mini brochure.

How was the campaign executed?

This Gift with Purchase campaign was at point of purchase. In the display area where people would look for their tick and flea medicine, and it had an offer, "Buy 3 packs or 3 months and you get the Safe Card for Free."

What was the outcome of the campaign?

The client tells us it was their best sell-in in a long, long time. We actually had the Safe Card shrink wrapped onto 3 packs or 3 months of product and the sell-in of that was very successful.

The retail has embraced it. And also the off-take was outstanding. So the consumer actually responded to the offer, they loved it, and they bought a whole season of product in that one promotion.

And of course the really great result that was only announced last week is that we won a national award with this promotion. We won the Australian Promotional Product, Gold Consumer GWP Promotion which we're very proud of.