Abbvie Patient Travel Pack

Who is the client?

The client is a pharmaceutical client, there name is Abbvie and work to rheumatoid arthritis space.

What is the product they wanted to promote?

The client provides injectable drugs for patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

What do they want to achieve with this campaign?

Our client was finding that patients weren't always take their medication with them while they're travelling. The medication needs to be kept between two and eight degrees when travelling sometime up to 14 hours. This is difficult to achieve at times, so the patient weren’t always take their medication with them.

Our client wanted to help them do this and then if they could take their medication with them in every trip and that would help them to manage their condition much better.

How did Brand help them achieve this?

We use our expertise in China to design and manufacture a simple and easy to use patient pack. The patient pack has two pockets, each pocket, contains freezer bricks and we could move the freezer brick and put them in a freezer. The bag is lined with very sophisticated insulation and this would ensure the freezer brick would thaw at a slow controlled rate so allowing the bricks to last up to fourteen hours, say if travelling to the US or Europe.

Once we locked in the design, we then do a series of controlled tests to verify that it met the standards that are required. Once that was done we went to production and then we also help to design the instructions. We also register the item with the TGA on the device register.

What other solutions they have tried in the past?

Our client have looked at a very bulky and cumbersome solution and they also looked at USA option which is very expensive and would have blown their budget.

What concerns did they have about this campaign?

The outcome is our client now has a very successful patient support program and the patient pack is an integral part of that and support program is now on its third year since its implementation.